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Keeping it in the family

Honeysuckle Hampers are a family business based in Northamptonshire in the heart of England. The day to day running of the business is managed by Esmee, fitting it in between looking after two young children, three dogs, one cat, two chickens and a horse. Her business partner and husband, Harvey, works full time in the Food Industry. At Honeysuckle Hampers he’s responsible for food safety and is also chief product taster, a role he takes very seriously.


Having a background in farming and fresh produce, plus a father who still runs the family butchers, food production is in Harvey’s blood. Esmee was involved with the Northamptonshire Food & Drink Awards when they began and became aware of just how many amazing producers there actually are in Northamptonshire. After years of thinking of ideas on how they could be involved in this incredible local industry, and Esmee trying to find a job that would work around their children, the idea of Honeysuckle Hampers was born.

“We kept seeing and tasting all these amazing food and drinks from around the county, but couldn’t find anywhere that had it all in one place.”

Passionate about our Products

“It’s not just the products, but the people who produce them that are important to us. We meet so many lovely people who are so passionate about what they do. It’s not about world domination for them, but about fantastic food and drink, that is made with pride, locally.”


Honeysuckle Hampers work closely with their suppliers, discussing new ideas and products to make sure that their hampers contain the best of the best. Many of their suppliers are award winners and this just reconfirms how good their products are. 100% of Honeysuckle Hampers products are sourced from Northamptonshire. Food miles are incredibly important to them.


It’s not just what goes into the hampers that is important but also the hampers themselves.

“We spent a long time looking at and trying different styles, from your traditional wicker to cardboard boxes. We really wanted something that people loved as much as the contents, a gift within a gift, which they wanted to keep. We therefore have a range of traditional hampers, with a modern twist, through to contemporary styles that appeal to all tastes and budgets.”


Honeysuckle Hampers are passionate about supporting local, artisan producers. “You won’t find our products on major supermarket shelves. It’s not just about buying local, it’s about showing the rest of the country what amazing products they can find in Northamptonshire. “









"It's about putting Northamptonshire on the foodie map of  Great Britain."